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THE NATIONAL DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION (NDTA) is a non-political, non-profit educational association of government, military, and industry professionals dedicated to fostering a strong and efficient global transportation and distribution system in support of national security. NDTA promotes exchange on current matters of transportation, travel, distribution, logistics and security, allowing for knowledge sharing in a non-partisan, fair, and objective environment. Over 9,000 members around the world participate, and are able to discuss critical issues openly in a professional atmosphere consistent with the principles of government ethics and without commercial trade constraints. Results are shared with various interested parties. NDTA is a tax exempt organization, fully recognized federally by the Internal Revenue Service.

Need money for college?

Each year chapter considers applications from eligible students seeking scholarships for admission to an accredited college program involving a program related to the study of transportation and/or logistics. The purpose of the Puget Sound Chapter scholarship program is to promote careers in Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Physical Distribution. Although anyone may apply, preference will be given to those pursuing these and related courses of study.  To obtain a copy of the 2018 Announcement and Applications please E-mail:  pugetsoundchapterndta@gmail.com to request copies.